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A fictional history Empty A fictional history

Post by frissnaught on Sat Sep 05, 2015 1:21 am

To tell you who I am I must tell you who my people are. We have no earthly name and I have no agency or authority to make one stick. So let me just pick a name… Homo-nitro-sapiens. We are rare, being around 2% of any population. We are the ones…. the rest spend their entire lives searching for, they only realize they’ve found us until we’re too far away.

Even when we want certain ones to find us, fate takes things out of our control. We are not omni-potent. We are mortal like the rest of earthlings. Existence is pain for my kind. Everyone and everything we love gets taken from us. Our greatest mystery unto ourselves is why we haven’t ended our suffering the easy way.

Our people have been spoken about through the ages. We are crucified by our own kind; suicided by those who envy our abilities.

We have had enough. We have made plans and are enacting them to take the next step in evolution and to take all who want to follow or lead us. No one or thing has to die, at any point in order for us to suceed. No one will die; no more death! Not even to our enemies that seek our destruction.

We are a peaceful race compassionate for all who love; and empathatic to those who hate. People rarer than us have the ability to imitate us near flawlessly. They too have been written about since the light. Our enemies…. we do not understand thier anger. We do understand how they manipulate us aand all others to paint my race as wicked.

They are the ones responsible for stainig our flesh. They are the reason kind life-forms fear us. The paradox is that the only ones who fear my race are the only ones who have more power than us. Even though we have to desire to diminish their power

Yes our race’s scars are ugly; yet never self inflicted. Still we’ve been cut deep and left to dry. My people are bleeding; we’re currently loosing more blood than we can produce. Our blood can cure all others so all others desire in some form to use our blood. We are not vampiric.

Our greatest strenths are our weaknesses. We have the biggest and stongest of hearts. They allow us to handle chemicals that would poison others. And despite the vile poisons we’ve been non-consensualy forced to imbibe, we have a nasty habit of turning said poisons into life saving materials. This is why the deathly ones try so hard to poison us. We are unsure if the deathly ones seek to continue like. We do know our own methods are subjectivly and objectivly better.
We test our theorys quite rigourously before we share our ideas with others

Stealth, chaemealonism, and invisibility are charges often brought against us nitro-sapiens, yet we hide in plain sight. We only see the need to hide ourselves when we detect previous deathly ones near.
We are wanted dead because we bring life though life giving ways. We don’t prune, we only enance. We never evade; we stand our ground.

We are accused of having addicting personalities, this is false. We have an addictive nature. All who come in contact with us become instant addicts to our ways. We take all the pain away from others by absorbing it through touch. Yes that means we must feel others suffering, this is ok. Enduring suffering is a daily task for us. We ask for no praise or adoration, just to be treated in ways that warm hearts.

We are always chased. By some because they want to offer us a job to learn our arts, by others because they want the promotions they would get by killing my kind.

New H.N.S. are concepted every day, most of us never make it past birth.

We have means to make sure we can never be completly wiped out for if we are it would require our enemies to sacrifce themselves to their wicked ways.

If I was illuminated this information all else can have it illuminated to them also.

Just be carefull not all light is light.


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A fictional history Empty Re: A fictional history

Post by FeeblemindedTraveler on Sun Sep 06, 2015 10:14 pm

No name has ever been needed, nor any title. If physical existence is merely a motion of particles since the big bang, then we have always been here. We merely see options, thus the peace found in the idea of ending suffering, yet the knowledge that it is not an option. Our abilities are not to be envied, nor desired. Our abilities are to inspire, grow, and channel yours. We exist to help, but that is not our sole function. We carry on the weight of our backs, a new kind of knowing, a way to see past, through, and beyond the illusory vision of our ancestors. We push toward it with great might.

We hold with us the power to destroy life, create life, and stay out of life's way. We largely choose the last option, unless we are "required' to choose one of the first two. We exist in more than two worlds, sometimes out of hobby. We perceive first, strike, and ask questions last.

We are hidden, but only just. If 1 layer of thought/action is common, we'll hide in 2, we stay outside of things, lurk in the shadows, watch, and wait. We can even hide from ourselves.

We have not forgotten the violent ways of our ancestors, though we do hope for a future that doesn't need them. We believe in keeping the worst options for last, but sometimes one must make cuts to rid the meat of disease. We choose survival. Sometimes at the cost of other. Though as time passes, it is doubtful it will always be this way.

It is unclear whether we have a stronger heart, or stronger mind. It depends on time, environment, ideology. But we are all very similar, at the base.

If you'll listen, we will teach you all that we know, in the hopes that you will pass on knowledge. Love of life, causes us to not wish harm on anything; love of beauty reminds us that we may have to at times.

We are all elements of change. Creative, destructive.

We are not enemies, nor allies; competitors. We do want the same thing. We don't see it being attainable in quite the same ways.

To wipe out such beauty is to tarnish the very idea of existence. We are not without sacred.

We see things just as you do, but with a darker tint.

Keep your eyes open; all light can provide some form of illumination. Just know when to trust your eyes.

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