For those still searching

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For those still searching

Post by KeredNomrah on Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:12 am

For the downtrodden I offer you hope. For the inquisitive I offer excitement. For those who are fearful I assure you.

Awareness was the greatest gift the universe had to offer. With this gift we are able to truly embrace our existence. We've all come here for answers, but you already have them inside of you. This does not mean though that you can find them by yourself. Awareness also comes from connections.

Allow yourself to feel. We carry the heaviest of burdens in the form of truth. For some it may enlighten, for others it may shatter everything. Don't allow yourself to trick or distort the truth, and recognize when others do as well. This is not the fault of anyone, it is all we know and all that we've constructed our existence with.

Be dedicated. Choice and will power is our force. Hone it, develop it as only you know you must. To do otherwise is only a delay.

Be open to your moments, these always come from awareness. The message is always received even if not believed.


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